Data science solutions

We develop, manage and run predictive software services based on data science and machine learning

Our software services and APIs

Demand planning & sale forecasting

Software service for large e-commerce businesses and retail chains which uses machine learning to forecast sales and optimise stock distribution among retail stores and warehouses.

Personalized product recommendations

Personalized product recommender for e-commerce web sites which uses real-time Bayes nets to display relevant recommended products for e-shop visitors.

Price optimisation

Software service which automatically suggests product price movements to improve profit by using statistical price and demand elasticity models.

Warehouse batch picking optimisation

API for computing optimal path routes for batch picking time optimisation in a retailer's warehouse, which is built on shortest path graph algorithms.

IoT software development

Custom embedded device backend development including integrating custom sensor APIs, storing real-time sensor data and remote device dev-ops.

Data science software development

Custom end-to-end data science / machine learning API services including model training and optimisation, deployment and dev-ops.

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